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Checking Out Thumbtack

by Jonathan J. Judge

Any small business starting out knows how hard it can be to build a pipeline after a busy stretch.

One day, you’re saying to yourself in the echoey chamber of your mind, “Um…clients? Where’d they all go? HELLLLLLLOOOOOOOOO?”

Well, I recently found Thumbtack, a marketplace for local service providers and those in need of local services, and decided to give it a try. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve used other tried-and-true methods (word of mouth, Craigslist, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook). However, there’s something about the panache of Thumbtack, as well as a current client’s mention that other than word of mouth, she would probably look on Thumbtack if she needed to find a reliable e-commerce web developer.

Since I’m in the business of working primarily with small businesses, non-profits and startups, I know how hard it is to find a fast, budget-friendly, strategic web developer myself. I’m hoping this goes further in the way of building that level of trust, reliability and even a new standard for a professional way of doing web development that makes it more accessible to everyone.

That way, good products can progress the way they ought to in the exciting new marketplace of digital ideas.

About Jonathan J. Judge

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Jonathan has devoted his career to helping people solve problems. He acquired his passion for service throughout his studies at Xavier High School, CUNY Macaulay Honors College at Brooklyn College, and New York University. A true techie at heart, he has relentlessly pursued technological solutions to figure out how can we do better what we need to do. This drive led Jonathan to establish Codacity LLC in 2011, where he is currently Owner and Chief Solutions Architect. Previously, Jonathan worked in web development with Disney, Time Inc, the City of New York, and numerous small businesses and non-profits in Brooklyn and beyond. He continues to reside in the Kensington section of Brooklyn.