What We Do

Codacity is found where audacious ideas and innovative code meet in your neighborhood.  As a homegrown, Brooklyn-based web development company, we make affordable, small business-sized solutions catered to your needs:


  • Custom or Pre-Designed Websites
  • Web-based applications to allow customers to interact with your business online
  • Mobile applications to keep up with customers on the go

Codacity is there for you–whatever your needs.

Reach Out and Touch Everyone

Need more exposure for your business or non-profit?


A website from Codacity will make use of the best in search engine optimization (SEO) and online advertising techniques to get you on your customer’s search engines.


We also give you the tools to connect to your customers through all major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and more, as well as email marketing for subscribed users of your site or application.

Portable and Personal Solutions

Every website built by Codacity is fully responsive, which means it is readily viewable on a laptop or desktop, a tablet and any Internet capable smartphone, to reach your customer base–wherever they are.

Following Your Intuition

Every website, web and mobile application is designed intuitively with the user in mind, both our clients and your customers.  We will build what makes sense for you to use.


Moreover, we ensure that you are given all the information and training you need to get the most from your solution.

Growing With You

All of Codacity’s solutions keep your business in mind as you expand.


Every website and application will be able to scale with the growing needs of your enterprise, whether you serve Flatbush, Brooklyn, New York City, or beyond.

E-Commerce With Everything

Looking for an online storefront? We’ve got you covered. You can add to your solution with event registration, online purchasing, shipping calculation and processing, and more – all from the comfort of your own computer.

Finding The Right Fit For You

Codacity is your neighborhood web developer, a one-stop shop for your venture, non-profit, agency or practice. We’ve got the tools and the experience to work with your business and develop the right web presence or application to suit your particular needs, style, and budget. Your Codacity solution will connect you with your client base no matter how big or small.  Here are some pre-packaged solutions that we offer our clients:

  • Standard
  • Basic solution for just getting an effective presence on the web
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Choose from our selection of layouts and we will customize your design
  • Extended
  • For those businesses or non-profits looking for a bit more
  • SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing
  • Custom Layout & Design
  • Custom functionality

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