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At Codacity, we focus on improving how people work together through our expertise in technology and management so they can more confidently, efficiently and accurately achieve the outcomes they need.

In 2011, Codacity started as a digital agency for startups and small enterprise. As we grew, we included medium and large enterprise to our portfolio. We hired employees and contractors to help us handle the work of our varied clientele. We ran into all the same problems you probably do.

But then, we figured out how to do things better. Successes started to feel like victories.

Employing contemporary project management methodologies, we mastered the art of reframing the issues we were presented with and frequently re-validated our understanding with clients. We identified exactly what steps were needed to achieve the end result. Empowered with a clearer idea of the outcomes, steps, and prerequisites required, we could more accurately estimate effort and complexity that drive costs and timelines. Finally, using technology to streamline our process, we could negotiate based on actual effort and our client's true priorities without sacrificing our fair market value.

Because this worked so well for us and our clients, Codacity is excited to share this technology and management expertise with everyone, giving you confidence to focus on doing your best while we help you improve the rest.



Headshot of Jonathan J. JudgeLink to Jonathan J. Judge's LinkedIn Profile

‍Jonathan's career has spanned very different pursuits and industries, from constituent services in government, to politics, to technology and consulting.

Over the decade that he's run Codacity, he's built software for clients in the education, health care, government, marketing, e-commerce, digital media and technology spaces. He's mentored people on how to become engineers, coached clients on best practices for developing their own products, and created operational blueprints for building and utilizing brand new technology solutions in existing enterprises.

‍Additionally, he is involved in local community and civic life, serving and supporting wherever he can best contribute. And with the free time that his own business processes permit, he enjoys cooking, biking, traveling and meeting all the fascinating people who call New York City home.

A lifelong native Brooklynite, he continues to reside in the Kensington/Ditmas Park section of Brooklyn.

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